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Part of our work at The Shola Company is to provide Training and Seminar focusing on Transformation and Change. Currently, our Trainings and Seminars are as follows:

  • Making Change Happen: Understanding the dynamics of Change
  • LEOS: Leadership Development for teens
  • Goddess Us: Championing and supporting women in being their best selves here and now.
  • Bounce: Program focusing on teaching tools to overcome set backs and re-launch a new direction for life.
  • Writing Workshop: Supporting upcoming authors in writing, completing and publishing their books.
  • Goddess Girl Rise & Shine: Program specifically tailored for girls in their teens, to give them tools and skills to overcome the challenges of growing up into adulthood.
  • By Way of Love: Based on my upcoming book, this seminar is about learning to tap into the power within us through love and forgiveness.

Executive training - leadership

"Sourcing Whole Team Action" is a 4 day residential workshop. Our aim is not to fill you with theory and models ...READ MORE

Leading mulit-cultural teams

"Leading Multi-Cultural Teams" is a 2 day workshop. It brings your organization the opportunity to achieve greater synergy ...READ MORE

Executive training - leadership

"Leading through Change" is a 2 day workshop which can be customized to your particular circumstance. ...READ MORE

Public Speaking: Bold, Impactful and Fun

"Public Speaking: Bold, Impactful and Fun" is our flagship workshop on Public Speaking. It is a 2 day workshop that guarantees to take your public speaking skills to the highest levels ...READ MORE

Effective Leadership Communication with Dr Yene Assegid

"Effective Leadership Communication" is a 2 day workshop where you will learn to express yourself in a way that will motivate action...READ MORE

Learn how to facilitate meetings, conversations and team processes

"Active Facilitation" is a 1 day workshop. The focus of the workshop is to better enable participants to facilitate meetings, conversations and team processes ...READ MORE