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Leadership development nurtures the capacity of individuals to excel in being a leader within an organization and within their own personal lives.

It is about building personal competence in building alliances, in formulating vision and enrolling others to share that vision. It is about creating a corporate culture of excellence and leading by example. It is about learning how to empower one's team and how to delegate in a way that will effectively execute corporate strategies for results. Most of all, Leadership Development is about building capacity to enable leaders to recognize challenges and set backs as part of the territory of action and leveraging such challenges to create breakthroughs. It is about learning to think outside the box and garnering the courage to do so intelligently.

The Shola Company offers various training packages for Leadership Development. To learn more about our programs, please contact us for an introductory conversation.

Leadership training

Customised Leadership Training

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Leadership webinars


Starting in the Fall 2014 we will be holding the following Webinars. All Webinars take two hours ...READ MORE

Researching for various publications by Dr Yene Assegid

Research & Publication

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