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We regularly hold various events. Please check the time table below for the next event. More details to register will be posted 2 weeks before the event.




Understanding Leadership fundamentals with Dr Yene Assegid, Addis Ababa, 6th May 2014

"Understanding Leadership Fundamentals: How Excellence is Driven by Vision & Purpose" - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - May 6, 2014

Download our pdf (376kb) with all the information on this event ... CLICK HERE

"Public Speaking: Bold, Impactful and fun" - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - May 2014




"Change perspective, overcome challenges" - Beijing, China - June 2014

"Effective Networking" - Beijing, China, June 2014




"How to find your passion" - Beijing, China - July 2014




"Easy, Fun and Painless way to write & Publish your book" - Brussels, Belgium - October 2014



I am not a seminar type person, but knowing Yene and how brilliant and knowledgeable she is about getting the most out of business, and life in general, I found myself at at something she called the Goddess seminar. She put together an empowering sisterhood event. She gathered people from different walks of life, ages, careers, and personalities to spend a morning that became an afternoon together sharing ideas and testimonials. I don't doubt that every person went home that day filled with joy, hope, and aspiration.

Yene, with her limited time in Beijing managed to pull together a vast resource of people who shared similar core values. I am one of those people. Yene personally helped me through trying times with my business, Global Cuisine Beijing. She has a kind and intelligent ear to crisis and successes.

Yene is a problem solver and a friend to many.



Antoinette Martin
CEO Global Cuisine