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  • We focus on transformation and change through coaching ...



We focus on empowering individuals, teams and companies ready to transform their current reality into their desired reality. We champion transformation that encompasses deep rooted overall excellence, sustainable results, peace and harmony.

We coach along 3 thematic areas:

  • Corporate Coaching which brings in a unique approach of combining both Leadership Coaching with Team Coaching;
  • Career Transition and
  • Personal Transformation.


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We pride ourselves in being a small and dynamite company delivering exceptional corporate training founded on leading edge leadership and management theories and praxis. We value creativity and innovation in our work. We believe genuine progress and results in life emerge from a combination of vision, hard work, strategic approach and a dash of fun.

Our flagship trainings are:

  • Sourcing Whole Team Action Leadership Training;
  • Leading through Change;
  • Leading Multi-Cultural Teams;


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Our aim is to enrich, empower and engage the next generation leadership. We take part in a various studies and research to harvest latest insights and advances in the art of leadership.

As a result of our leadership centered research, we bring our clients the possibility of having customized learning programs:

Our Leadership programs include:

  • Customized Leadership Training
  • Webinars, and
  • Leadership Research and Publications.


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We regularly hold various events. Please check the time table below for the next event. More details to register will be posted 2 weeks before the event.




"Reach your goals" - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - May 2014

"Public Speaking: Bold, Impactful and fun" - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - May 2014




"Change perspective, overcome challenges" - Beijing, China - June 2014

"Effective Networking" - Beijing, China, June 2014

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